Sandwichdayshooting-Birmningham for DKMS! Please go and Swap, it`s so easy and HELPS!!!

spotted some of my latest work!
sonja-schaefer-fotograf-diary-27 sonja-schaefer-fotograf-diary-30

on my way to Tallinn, what a wonderful Place to be and work, specially with this Team around Conny and Stuart!!!

sonja-schaefer-fotograf-diary-18 sonja-schaefer-fotograf-diary-19 sonja-schaefer-fotograf-diary-20
some new Paint for the Office...Time for Spring!

My Favorite Lunch while shooting @Highnoonstudios, Schnitzle from Klappe in Altona...one of the Best in Town.
sonja-schaefer-fotograf- diary-16
sonja-schaefer-fotograf-diary-23 sonja-schaefer-fotograf-diary-24

Prepairing for some icecream.....
sonja-schaefer-fotograf-diary-22 sonja-schaefer-fotograf-diary-14 sonja-schaefer-fotograf-diary-15

Summer in the Studio!!

Mc Donlad, Flatrate for one Day with my lovley Team : Michael G., Ulrike Schlüter @Kultartist, Mauela Degelmann @NordishRepuplik, Philipp Stenglin, Paul Pack, Productionworld with Hindy, Kirsten, Britta





sonja-schaefer-fotograf-diary-12 sonja-schaefer-fotograf-diary-12





Hamburg-Capetown, something happend there? Always a heart thing going to Capetown! Results coming up soon......

sonja-schaefer-fotograf-diary-07 sonja-schaefer-fotograf-diary-08 sonja-schaefer-fotograf-diary-09 sonja-schaefer-fotograf-diary-11



Shooting with my be loved Team : Ulrike Schlüter, Maureen Haslinger, Eva hennings, Suhellen Ampuero, Danny Fölsing, Philipp Stenglin, Alexander Ullmann, Björn Lindenblatt, Jochen Mehrling…… And big Thanx to Leo Burnett!

sonja-schaefer-fotograf-diary-12 sonja-schaefer-fotograf-diary-09 sonja-schaefer-fotograf-diary-08 sonja-schaefer-fotograf-diary-10 sonja-schaefer-fotograf-diary-11 my new


Projetk, called „The Stealers“ sonja-schaefer-fotograf-diary-04 at the Studio, yes I#m also shooting in the Studio….:-) sonja-schaefer-fotograf-diary-05 one Day at the Beach, my Inspiration my Love…the Baltic Sea

sonja-schaefer-fotograf-diary-02 sonja-schaefer-fotograf-diary-03